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Written by Yannick KREMPP   
Friday, 29 July 2016




*** UPDATE *** 

 Shortened version:

- Use your UNIL account to book system with the new reservation sites from August the 8th and on.

- Use your UNIL account to log on CIF machines

- Use your UNIL account to log on the ATHENA file server. Your data is now located in a folder under \\ATHENA\UserData\YourUNILAccount

- The CIF domain will cease to exist at August the 10th.

- To be able to use the services mentioned above, you'll need to register your UNIL account to the CIF. This procedure is not yet possible, so we ask you to wait.



Dear CIF users,

Some of you have probably already heard that the CIF is undergoing a major IT change by migrating all its infrastructure from a separate domain to join the UNIL’s new unique domain, AD. Here are the details of what will happen and how:


What is the point of this domain MIGRATION?

There are many benefits, for both users and the CIF staff:

For Users

-          Have only one account to manage (passwords, expiration, …)

-          Be able to log on our servers and devices with your UNIL account

-          Book devices with you UNIL account

-          Be able to easily transfer data across both UNIL’s and CIF’s storage solutions

For the CIF platform

-          Centralized management of the CIF services

-          Account management outsourced to UNIL’s services

-          Less hardware/os to maintain (servers and domain infrastructure)

-          Simplified user registration process


There are also benefits for the UNIL’s IT with a domain much easier to maintain and much more robust and secure.


So how will this migration process impact your daily work at the CIF?

As soon as the CIF domain will be demoted, you won’t be able to use any of the services linked to your CIF account: bookings on the website, access to the ATHENA file server, login on computers attached to the microscopes.

In place for all these services or an equivalent, you will have to use your UNIL account.

*** Attention please: New registrations are not yet possible at this time. We will keep you informed whenever we are ready to accept new users. ***




For current CIF users

You have nothing to do: either you already have a UNIL account, or a new one has been created just for you. In this case you should have received by regular mail your credentials and the procedure on how to activate your account.

Your account has also already been added in the CIF users group, granting you access to the servers, the microscopes, and the new booking system.

For new users: What If you already have a UNIL account?

If you weren’t a CIF user within the past year, you will have to ask your local CIF manager to register your account at the CIF.

For new users: What if you don’t have a UNIL account yet (CHUV or external users)?

If you haven’t any account yet, you will have to ask the creation of your account using the following form:

this form is also available on this page:

Once your demand has been processed, you will get your new credentials sent via regular mail to the address you have indicated. You will then be able to activate your UNIL account following the instructions mentioned in the same mail.

You will then have to ask your local CIF manager to register your account at the CIF.


It’s important to note that every question related to your account (password, expiration, rights, etc…) will now be handled by UNIL’s IT department. If you experience some issues, please contact the hotline.



For bookings until the 7Th of August, you should still use your old CIF account to log on the website itself, and access the regular booking system of your platform. You won’t be able to place new reservation after this date.

1. screenshot-cifweb.unil.ch_2016-07-29_10-10-25.pngLogin on the web site (valid until the 8th of August)

2. screenshot-cifweb.unil.ch_2016-07-29_10-20-26.png Select one of the Old booking sites

3. Proceed as usual. 

For bookings from the 8th of August and after, you will have to use your UNIL account and log in directly on the booking system, NOT on the website. You won’t be able to place new reservations before this date. More information is available on the booking system link page itself.
1. screenshot-cifweb.unil.ch_2016-07-29_10-10-25.png Login on the web site (needed until the 10th of August)
2. screenshot-cifweb.unil.ch_2016-07-29_10-11-07.png Choose one of the New booking site
3. screenshot-cifweb.unil.ch_2016-07-28_12-08-54.png Click "Log in"
4. screenshot-cifweb.unil.ch_2016-07-29_10-13-27.png Enter your UNIL credentials and proceed with the booking.
After August the 8th, the website login (the first step in the screenshots) will be deactivated to avoid having to authenticate twice. All the menu links will be visible directly from the home page. 



For current users

If you log on any computer using your AD account, you should in principle have access to the ATHENA file server by the usual means (using windows explorer for instance).

Your new home account has been already created, along with all your data if you already had some.

If you want to use the web interface, or mount your folder as a network drive, simply use you UNIL credentials (no need to specify CIF\ or AD\).

For new users

When registering to the CIF you will receive a conformation email, along with a description on how to access our servers

In short:

From now on, log on CIF machines using your UNIL account, and go to \\ATHENA\UserData\ to locate your new folder.


For current users

For previous CIF users, your old CIF accounts have been mapped to your new ones (matching has been done manually), so nothing to worry about. For example, CIF\JohnDoe123 (CIF account) and AD\JohnDoe456 (UNIL account) will be recognized as the same user by the billing system.

For new users

New users will have to fill a form to specify which group or organization they belong to, and how they want to be billed. This form is part of the CIF registration process, and as such, is not yet available at the present time.


The end of the CIF Domain

We have scheduled a complete CIF domain shutdown the 10th of August. After this date, the CIF domain will no longer exist.


what if I still have questions ?

 Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 August 2016 )
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