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file icon Leica LAS Xhot! 11/17/2016 Hits: 942

If you're a Leica user, please find here the latest Leica LAS X version to be able to view and annotate your *.lif files.

file icon Zeiss Zen Lite 2.3hot! 11/17/2016 Hits: 1684

Carl Zeiss' latest Zen Lite version, the 2.3.

Platform: Windows 7 or 10, 64 bit. 

This version comes only with the Blue interface, but works with every type of files, whether coming from a confocal, an epifluorescence or a slidescanner setup.

This export module is more robust and you should now be able to export to TIFF all your slides without crashes. So if you're a slidescanne scanner user, please use this version.

file icon Axioscan CZI batch converterhot! 04/08/2016 Hits: 921

This is a free software from Carl Zeiss to handle CZI files acquired using the Zeiss Axioscan Z1 slide scanner.

It comes as a zipped folder. Just unpack it and use the "CZItoTIFFBatchConverter.exe" program.

Please read carefully the PDF manual included to understand how it works.

Tested and working on Windows 7 X64 with default options. You can open the BigTIFF files in Photoshop, make your adjustements, and export them in whatever format you'd like from there.


file icon Nikon NIS Viewer PChot! 03/31/2015 Hits: 370
PC version for the Nikon NIS Viewer
file icon Zeiss ZEN Blue + Black 2012 64Bit Litehot! 02/03/2015 Hits: 1641

To view and convert Zeiss ZVI, LSM and CZI files with ease.

This version works only on 64bit systems. It contains both ZEN Blue (Axiovision's successor) and Black versions. You can chose at the install which version you want or both. 

The CIF Staff

file icon Axiovision Lite Edition 4.8.1hot! 02/24/2010 Hits: 3312

 *** Upated to 4.8.1 **** 

Free program from Zeiss that allows you to open .zvi images made with any Axiovision setup.

Opens also .lsm files, and batch converts them easily !.